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At Holmes Drafting Services, our goal is to handle your entire project from the time you sign your contract with your client, until the moment you post your permit and begin construction.

Imagine not ever having to go to another HOA meeting to explain to a group of retirees the basics of construction on behalf of your client.

Think about the time you can finally spend getting the bottomless stack of estimates finished and back to your prospective client before your competition, because you didn’t have to babysit your permit at the county.

Even if you only went to 10 more appointments per month with that extra time, that’s an average of an additional $1.2 Million in extra sales per year at only a 30% sales rate.

We’re ready when you are.


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Residential Additions

Aftermarket construction may cost 3x as much as building new; but that doesn’t mean the plans have to.

Custom Residential Homes

Every new homeowner expects their home to be exactly the way they want it. Let us gather the details BEFORE you order products.

Commercial Renovations

New tenants? Not a problem. We’ll customize the existing space to tailor fit their needs.

P.E.M.B. Foundations

The manufacturer supplies the engineering for the building itself, but rarely provided the foundations. We’ve got over 200 under our belt.

Site Visits

Sometimes the drafting company just needs to see the problems the way you do. We aren’t afraid to get our shoes muddy.

Dock Design

One of the many perks of living in Florida is the easy access to boating. Let your clients enjoy their lakes with a custom designed dock.

Screen Cage Design

Bugs are the number one Florida complaint. Don’t spoil the amazing outdoor experience you’ve designed by not including a site specific bird cage.


Permitting can be tough. HDS has spent years forming relationships across most Building Departments in the state. Let us put them to use.

HOA Representation

We’ve all been there. You’re wasting two hours of your precious time explaining what a gable roof looks like to a bunch of volunteer board members that are going to ask you the same five questions on the next project. Let us take one for the team.

MEP Plans

We are very proud to announce that as of 2019 Holmes Drafting Services now has the ability to produce quality MEP plans for all of your commercial projects! There’s no need to hire multiple specialists for the same project now!

About Us

Construction. Simplified.

Construction can be a confusing and sometimes overwhelming profession. Holmes Drafting Services was founded on the belief that one company that was inherently good at what they do could have a huge impact on the industry as a whole. Our company was essentially designed to be the bridge between the clients, designers and field. By providing a top tier service and making sure we understand the needs of the clients, we are able to communicate more efficiently with the field and reduce the number of frustrating changes during the construction process. At HDS, we place ourselves as the cornerstone of the construction industry and fully intend on leaving our mark.

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